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Check out the art and the artist's who did them! Some are awesome, outstanding or just adorable!


spotnick97 has started a donation pool!
60 / 2,500
Trying to get Premium Membership, would help a lot.

Please note me for your request! :D

This is also how you pay me for the commissions.
Art trades are closed at the moment.

Art Request for photography are open as well!
My rules: I will not take pictures of people, getting animal pictures will take a while.
I always take pictures of flora!!!

Flowers: 5 points.
Macro: 10 points
Scenery: 15 points

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spotnick97's Profile Picture
Loves Yoshi :)
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
If anyone has been wondering about my username and my Profile Picture, my name is NOT Nick, and I am truly a girl. :)

I am not your average teen girl. I am a Christian if you haven't guess by my Info. I love animals, always have since I was a hatchling.

I currently own a Puggle, (beagle, pug mix) He is a month shy of his tenth birthday. The name's Caleb, which is the English version of 'Kelev' Hebrew for 'dog'

Some great artisit here on DA:

:iconhydratamer: Real friend in real life. :D Awesome with drawing dragons.
:icon2godbtheglory: My sister, amazing with hand made t-shirts! Buy them! They're up for sale!!!
:iconblackdragon152: Awesome Brit from England! Digitally draws dragons!

I'm also involved in the DARPG community, here is my Kennel Journal
Ya know why?
*drum roll* Cuz I'm baaaackkkkk!!!!
New art/photos coming your way!!!! :D :D
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RojoXNile Litter: #7 left by spotnick97
RojoXNile Litter: #7 left

Acacia Acres is proud to present our very first home breeding. Between our two Doberman Pinschers.
BIS Ch. P.K's Guardian Of The Night Sch3 WP "Rojo"
BIS RBIS BPIS UKCh. GMCh. Bournetwyn's The Rescue at Acacia Sch3 CT SARN "Nile"
Breeding Picture

1. Please do not change gender, markings, or build.
2. Absolutely no mix breeding.
3. Ears and Tails may be altered upoun purchase.
4. Pups must be registered with DobermanPinscherClub and Kennel-Club
5. Do not change the disposition of a pup.
6. You must put the prefix "Acacia" in front of the pup registered name. 
     1. You may add your prefix at the end. Ex: Acacia's_______at___
7. Pups are ten :points:, do not send until you've been confirmed.
8. If you no longer want the pup, let me know before you do anything further.
9. If I see that you have disregarded these rules I will reclaim the pup back.
10. I would greatly prefer you finish a series of titles on him/her before breeding. (Ex, Sch1, Sch2, Sch3)
11. These dogs are all great for Conformation, so I would love to see them in the ring as well.
12. Put "Caleb" at the end of your comment if you have read all the rules, otherwise I will ignore it.


1. Canidae-Mayhem
2. xMush-Kennelsx
3. TwistedTreeRanch

Name Theme
Anything that has to do with the K9 Work Force, whether Police, Military, Search and Rescue, Bomb Dogs, Drug Dogs, Attack Dogs, Service Dogs, etc.

All pups have a medium-high working drive. None of these pups will shy away from a task.
None of these dogs will be aggressive.

Pup 1 Male, Black & Tan, American. Owner: Co-owned with Braemoor Name to be determined.
Pup 1 is a very strong male, although his body type is that of his mothers, he can endure much stress, and is very tolerant of young children. This pup has a lot of patience and has perfect focus. When given a command this male will put his whole force into it. He has wonderful speed and is quite sure-footed, he loves to climb all over his littermates and his sire and dam. This male will excel in SAR, Tracking, and Detection Dog.

Pup 2 Female, Black & Rust, European. Owner: Canidae-Mayhem Acacia's Down From The Gallows "Renegade"
Pup 2 is a prancie little female, she is short for Euro girl. But nonetheless she is strong. She's not one to go into the water and get dirty, but drools for when she can get her mouth onto a moving target. This pup has the highest drive above her sisters, and beats them every time in wrestling, tugging and taking down the human. This female will excel in Ring Sport, and Schutzhund.

Pup 3(KEEPING) Male, Black & Tan, European. Owner: spotnick97  Acacia's Hot Response "Dalton"
Pup 3 is also a strong male, he and Pup 1 often have their wrestling matches, both test each others patience and strength. But at the end of a long day they are almost always found laying side by side sound asleep. Pup 3 is the genius of the litter, he likes to observe his mother and father while they work. He seems to be the one that learns the fastest and will not back down from a situation until told otherwise. This male will excel in Ring Sport, and Detection Dog.

Pup 4 Female, Red & Tan, American. Owner: TwistedTreeRanch Acacia's Guiding Light
Pup 4 is a quiet girl, she doesn't bark much and is the last one to attack. She's the least dominate female and prefers the woods and enjoys the water more than the others. This female is an astounding tracker, she loves to search for the treats and toys we hide around the kennel, she seems to be a mommy's girl and tags along when Nile goes out into the field or wood. This female will excel in SAR, Detection Dog, and Tracking.

Pup 5 Female, Isabella & Tan, American. Owner: TexasLonestarKennels Acacia's Right to Remain Silent "Arabella"
Pup 5 is the guard dog of the litter. Don't let her adorable coat fool you, she'll take a bite out of you in a split second. Second to get to the target after her sister, Pup 2, her bite is very strong for an American, and is taller than Pup 4. Pup 5 is the boldest of the Americans, she loves to jump through the hoops and go on the A-frame and everything. This female will excel in Agility, and Schutzhund, and Scent Hurdle Racing. 

Pup 6 Female, Black & Tan, European. Owner: xMush-Kennelsx. Acacia's Punchin Knuckles at M!K
Pup 6 is the perfect all around Police K9, she loves everything about the force. When in training she is a close second to completing the task right behind her sister, Pup 2. Pup 6, like her brother Pup 1, is very tolerant of young children. She is a gentle soul at home, and fierce one at work. She loves to hunt the squirrels and raccoons in the yard, and more playful than the others. We expect her to be the best at raising a litter or even helping in raising a new pup in the kennel. This female will excel in Scent Hurdle Racing, Detection Dog, and Service Dog.

Pup 7 Male, Black & Rust, American. Owner:OPEN
Pup 7 is the runt of the litter, and the smallest male. He has the least drive, but is still very determind to show his skills in the field. He's not the strongest when it comes to taking down a crimnal, but searching for one is no problem. Next to his sister, Pup 4, he's a great tracking dog and is excellant in sniffing out items. He's also goofy at home, and loves hanging around other dogs. This male will excel in Tracking, SAR, and Detection Dog.

Littersheet- 4xp
Six dogs in Pedigree- 6xp 
Health Checked Sire & Dam- 4xp
Honered Dam- 30
Master Sire- 17xp
Total= 61xp

For those who have reserved:

Kennel Name:
Pup Number:
Registered Name:
This dog will be trained in:

For those who have not reserved:

Kennel Name:
How long have you been a member of the Kennel Club:
How many dogs are currently active in your kennel:
Pup Number:
Registered Name:
This dog will be trained in:

Braemoor's Aut Effort Show by spotnick97
Braemoor's Aut Effort Show
Aut't Change Effort Show - 3 Days and CACIBs now!

Dalton and Renegade couldn't keep still as the car neared the event. The car finally stopped and Ana and Mel exited the car and opened the trunk, hooking the dogs up to their leashes Ana whisked Dalton away to the grooming tables. "C'mon Dalton, time to make you look handsome for the judges!" Ana exclaimed. After the grooming was finished Dalton gladly jumped off the table and shook his coat. Putting on his slip leash Ana lead the young Doberman out and into the ring.

Dog's Name: Acacia's Hot Response
Titles: BIS
Class: Puppy
Sex: Male
Age: 6 mos
Breed: Doberman Pinscher
Group: Working
Bred By Competition? yes
Best Puppy Competition? yes
Jenny by spotnick97
My friends Lab Jenny enjoying the water.
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Age: 3-6 (Don't exactly know)

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I am going to post some new photographs I did few days ago, I hope you'll see them and like them ^^
And if you have some comment or critique on my photographs I would be glad to see them and read them so I can improve my photos next time :) 

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